3 Dozen Poems - From the Writer's Almanac

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Ge Mig En Dag (Scandinavian traditional)
Abecedary (Thomas Disch)
Old Mother Hubbard (traditional)
Frankenstein (Edward Field)
Names of Horses (Donald Hall)
To One Who Asked Me Why I Love J.G. (Ephelia)
What I Learned from My Mother (Julie Kasdorf)
When Adam Was Created (anonymous)
Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day? (William Shakespeare)
Casey Jones (anonymous)
I Think to Live (Emily Dickinson)
I Dwell in Possibility (Emily Dickinson)
Fallacy of Experience (William Harmon)
Crocodile (William Jay Smith)
Spring (Mary Oliver)
I Go Back to May, 1937 (Sharon Olds)
Language of Crows (Louis Jenkins)
Horse (May Swenson)
I Am Cherry Alive (Delmore Schwartz)
Easy (Roland Flint)
Variations on the Word Love (Margaret Atwood)
Mad Gardener's Song (Lewis Carroll)
Honey (Robert Morgan)
A Blessing (James Wright)
Vision (May Thielgaard Watts)
The Simple Truth (Philip Levine)
From the Garden (Anne Sexton)
The Passionate Shepherd to His Love (Christopher Marlowe)
Mehitabel and Her Kittens (Don Marquis)
I Was Born about 10,000 Years Ago (anonymous)
Aunt Sarah (Carl Dennis)
What Work Is (Philip Levine)
The Summer We Didn't Die (William Stafford)
Money (Dana Gioia)
Squash (Susan Williams)
From Out the Cave (Joyce Sutphen)
Wild Geese (Mary Oliver)
Closing Music—Slavonic Dance Opus 46 #4 in F Major (Dvorak) performed by Robert Fischer
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