A Big Fish in a Small Pond - The 21 Things Successful People Do

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Do you have the feeling that you are living below your true potential, talents, giftedness, or anointing? Do you feel like your real-life experiences have a lot of catching up to do with your inner capabilities? Then A Big Fish in a Small Pond was written just for you. For twenty-five years as a believing Christian and ten as a pastor, author Mike Ike struggled with those same feelings. In A Big Fish in a Small Pond, he shares the story of trying to use his faith alone to solve all his problems and challenges, finding the end result was repeated frustration, mediocrity, and failure. After nearly giving up faith in God, he received a life-transforming revelation, which he shares in this book. God has equipped us to do a whole lot more for ourselves than we realize or utilize. As you rediscover the depth of natural resources built within you by a loving God and what these resources can accomplish, your prayer life will change dramatically. Prayer, faith, and miracles will be reserved for what they are really intendedthe supernatural only.
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