A Carnivore's Inquiry

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When we meet Katherine, the winning-and rather disturbing-twenty-three-year-old narrator, she has just left Italy and arrived in New York City, but what has propelled her there is a mystery. She soon strikes up an affair with a
middle-aged Russian emigre novelist she meets on the subway, and almost
immediately moves into his apartment. Katherine's occasional allusions to a frighteningly eccentric mother and tyrannical father suggest somberness at the center of her otherwise flippant and sardonic demeanor. Soon restless, she begins journeying across the continent, trailed; everywhere she goes, by a string of murders. As the ritualistic killings begin to pile up, Katherine takes to meditating on cannibalism in literature, art, and history. The story races toward a hair-raising conclusion, while Katherine and the reader close in on the reasons for both her and her mother's fascination with aberrant, violent
A brilliantly subtle commentary on twenty-first-century consumerism and Western
culture's obsession with new frontiers, A Carnivore's Inquiry is an unsettling
exploration of the questionable appetites that lurk beneath the veneer of civilization.
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