A Chameleon

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Chameleon is a short sketch about the occurrence at the town square, where the main characters were a craftsman Hryukin, policeman Otchumyelov and stray puppy, surprisingly turned to be a property of the general's brother. Hearing about the bite suddenly turns into a scene of Otchumelov's attempts to save face in front of the curious crowd and maneuver between his ambitions and subservience. Chekhov's story called "Chameleon", and the idea of hameleonism (adaptation to the changing environment by changing skin color) displays in the story in a figurative, metaphorical sense. It is obvious that the story contains a satirical generalization. Psychology of this early story is not expressed verbally, not through the inner speech of the characters and not through the speech of the author-narrator, but through the external behavior - gestures, facial expressions, body movements, actions.
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