A Garden! A Garden! - Second Edition

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Nancy Orlando
I was born in Galion, a wonderful small town in Northern Ohio, in 1934. I think I decided to be a writer when someone first put a pencil in my hand. I have notebooks with poems and essays I wrote in grade school and high school. I was in my 70’s before I finally made my dream become a reality by completing my first book. Everyone’s Child is a memoir of my childhood during WWII.
At 75, I try to stay active and keep learning. I am currently taking piano lessons to do what I failed to do as a child. Two resident white squirrels play in my backyard in Greenhills, Ohio. They love to torment my Shitzu pup. I am doing research to learn about them. I also became a bride again in November of 2009. It has been exciting to work with Debbi Kern, watching my story come to life through her wonderful illustrations. Life is a joy and I look forward to every tomorrow.
Debbi Kern
I’ve been an animal lover all my life, so when Nancy asked me to illustrate A Garden! A Garden! with all of her animals, it was a dream come true. I was raised in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, but moved to Ohio after college and taught art at Amelia Elementary for 30 years (located about 30 minutes east of Cincinnati.) I’m retired now but I stay busy drawing cats and dogs for adoring pet owners, which is the perfect job for an animal-loving artist! For many years I had the privilege of being the artist for the American Bear Association. Not only did I draw Black Bears, I had the chance to meet them out in the open in Orr, Minnesota.
My husband Karl, myself and our 4 cats (Sammie, A2, Mistoffolees and Bobbi) all live in New Richmond, Ohio-where our garden is eaten by a wonderful & frustrating assortment of animals.
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