A King in Love

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Zita was suddenly aware that somebody, a man, was moving between the trunks of the trees, catching only a glimpse as he passed behind first one, then another. She thought that it would be a bore if she had to stop and talk as was customary in that part of the world.
Then as she stood hesitating, wondering whether if she turned her back the stranger would pass by and not stop to chatter, he emerged from between the trees and she thought for a moment he was just part of her imagination.
Then when he came nearer she saw incredibly, unbelievably, that it was the King! He came towards her with a smile on his lips. Impulsively, eagerly, and without thought, she reacted to the feelings that already possessed her heart.
As she ran to him his arms went round her, then his lips came down on hers. All she was conscious of was that the sunset was part of him, the light of it blinding, and his kiss was what she had wanted, longed for, dreamt of. . . .
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