A Little Talk About Mobs

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O. Henry holds in American literature exceptional place as a master of the genre of the short story. William Sydney Porter (O. Henry's real name) is the author of bright, brilliant novels which are worldwide popular. The years and decades are passing by, but readers love to O. Henry is not exhausted. « A Little Talk About Mobs » is included in the short story collection, called «Waifs And Strays», published in 1910. In the story a New Yorker, motorman Jerry and policeman Mike share their collision experiences with the angry mob. They talk that the crowd, ready to lynch anyone caused her displeasure, in fact, could not do harm to a cat. The essence of the phenomenon in the fact that a man, disappearing into a crowd, loses his force. One man can resist a thousand, but a thousand is powerless against the one, because crowd is the headless monster. We believe that the author wanted to convey the idea that you should not go with the flow in the mainstream. Having your mind - use it.
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