A Midsummer Night's Dream (version 3)

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The play features three interlocking plots, connected by a celebration of the wedding of Theseus of Athens and the Amazon queen, Hippolyta, which is set simultaneously in the woodland and in the realm of Fairyland, under the light of the moon. (Summary by Wikipedia)
Theseus: Dave Nicol
Egeus: James Silverstein
Lysander: Peter Parshall
Demetrius: Alex Lau
Philostrate/Puck: ElleyKat
Peter Quince/Prologue: Libby Gohn
Snug/Lion: Monika M.C.
Nick Bottom/Pyramus: Alan Mapstone
Francis Flute/Thisby: Chuck Williamson
Tom Snout/ Wall: gloriousjob
Narrator/Stage Directions/Robin Starling/Moonshine: Algy Pug
Hippolyta: Patti Cunningham
Oberon: Bob Neufeld
Helena: Sarah Parshall
Titania: Arielle Lipshaw
PeasBlossom/First Fairy: Elizabeth Klett
Cobweb/Second Fairy: Annika Vera
Moth/Third Fairy: Rebecca
Mustard Seed/Fourth Fairy: Etel Buss
Editors Sarah Parshall, Kimberly Krause
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