A Possum's Happy Thanksgiving

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Do you know the meaning of Thanksgiving? A Possum's Happy Thanksgiving by author Jamey M. Long will help you to discover the importance behind the Thanksgiving celebration. Follow a curious little possum named Opie as he returns to the boy's home and discovers what Thanksgiving is all about. Watch Opie as he discovers the first Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims and Indians, the importance of family, and the joys of lots of good food. You will experience all of the warmth and love that Thanksgiving can bring by the end of Opie's journey in A Possum's Happy Thanksgiving.
'A Possum's Happy Thanksgiving, a true masterpiece...teaches us that if we believe in Him, all things are possible. Readers of all ages will enjoy Opie's journey.'
-Melissa Reedy
The Free Lance-Star
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