A Shelter in a Time of Storm

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One century. One family. Three wars.
A Shelter in the Time of Storm is an engaging family saga chronicling the chaotic events of the twentieth century and an Arkansas family's part in that era. Through their involvement in war and politics, the Townley-Merritt family experiences tragedy and triumph and emerges as state and national leaders. Some volunteer for military service, some serve in activated National Guard units, some are accidentally in harm's way in the nation's conflicts. None of them wait to be drafted.
They find themselves in 'faraway places with strange-sounding names.' But however far away they stray, they always return to A Shelter in a Time of Storm, the family home in Arkansas. There they renew their strength to return to the battles, both foreign and domestic, to honor their oath to defend their nation.
The book chronicles how an ordinary American family survives the Great Depression of the 1930s and the great challenges of World War II, only to send the sons of those veterans into the Korean and Vietnam wars. Author M.M. Merritt adroitly mixes love and war in a manner that teaches American history and American character, as well as underscores how important families are to America's integrity as a leading world power.
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