A Woman Made for Sin

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Lady Aimee Wentworth is desperate and willing to do anything to recapture the stormy and passionate moment she and Reece Hamilton shared. For years, she has loved her brother's best friend, the untitled second son of a lord. But now that Reece has noticed her, she has a new hurdle to overcome-her dreaded status as a lady. Aimee refuses to accept Reece's decree for her to find a nobleman fitting her rank and is willing to do anything-including tricking her best friends, stowing away on Reece's ship, and facing his rage-to make him her very own.
When Reece discovers Aimee on board, mayhem ensues, as he is now compelled to marry the arresting beauty who suddenly refuses to accept his proposal! Whisked into a thickening plot of mystery, Reece and Aimee learn that their love is like the sea-stormy, untamed, and destined to be theirs.
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