Act of Deceit - A Harlan Donnally Novel

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Mt. Shasta is far from the San Franciscosidewalk on which Harlan Donnally's lifenearly ended in a crossfire-
But all too close to a decades-old secretthat will force him into another.
The former detective swore he'd never play anyone's postman. But a dying friend's plea takes Donnally bearing a letter alive with tragedy toward a sister long dead-the victim of the bizarre criminality of a counterculture that had lost its way.
Stunned to learn that her killer was never prosecuted, Donnally soon finds himself in battle against a broken justice system and on a trail of evil into a dangerous borderland in which the falsely pious and the wealthy abuse the young and the poor. And though each step takes him farther down a perilous path that wrenches him between his inner demons and his mission to redeem a brother's love, he won't stop until he knows the truth.
For Donnally made a promise to a dead man, and he'll keep it-or die trying.
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