Adventure Tree: Meet the Three Intro & Great Cake Bake

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Good stories for young readers are not an easy find! Throughout the Adventure Tree Series, not only are the stories comical and captivating for the younger child, but they are perfect for beginner readers as well. Adventure Tree: Meet the Three and The Great Cake Bake is a double feature that is sure to please your child. In the day-to-day adventures of the three sisters, they learn that God is constantly teaching them and testing their applications of right and wrong. Based on Bible scripture, the lessons ring true and are solid messages, from a child's view, for young children. What adventures will the girls get into? What journey will they go on next? Who will they meet? What will they learn? Find out firsthand in Meet the Three and The Great Cake Bake. These stories will take your child on a fun-filled ride, building values, confidence and faith along the way!
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