Agile 3-D - Using Web 3.0 Immersive Technologies to Improve Agile Project Performance

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Are your teams spread across the globe? Do people work from home? Sun Microsystems reports that 11% of their workforce works from home, and only half are in the office at any given time. But what if your travel budgets have evaporated? Don't worry... Web 3.0 is here.
Using immersive internet technologies and virtual worlds, teams can:
Collaborate cheaper and better than ever before. Make a Scrum war room.
Teach with a new venue and tools.Participate in agile user groups no longer restricted by geography. This 60-minute recording will introduce you to the virtual Agile community, where you are welcome to team, learn, and exchange agile wisdom. Come hear agile expert Bill Krebs, as he shares stories from his 500+ hours of experience teaching, learning, and building using these new business tools.
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