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StoryCorps travels America, collecting and preserving the stories of our lives. Each conversation is housed in the Library of Congress, and many are broadcast on NPR's Morning Edition, heard by millions of listeners each week. Told from the hearts, souls, and lives of individual Americans, these stories make us laugh, cry, think, feel, and know that we are all worth listening to and remembering.
Introduction by Dave Isay
Rachel Salazar with her husband, Ruben
Andrea McKnight with her husband, Jay
PJ Goetz with her son, Sam
Mary and Peter Vincelli with their daughter Lauren
Bobbi Côte-Whitacre with her wife, Sandi
Judi Frabosilo with her husband, Philip
Paul Wilson with his daughter Marty Smith
Andrea St. John remembering her boyfriend, Kevin Broderick
Rebia Mixon Clay remembering her husband, Frank Mixon
Max Voelz remembering his wife, Kimberly
Granvilette Kestenbaum remembering her husband, Howard
Beverly Eckert remembering her husband, Sean Rooney
Hilda Chacón with her husband, Pedro Morán-Palma
Pepper Miller with her husband, Ron
Catherine Kohanek with her husband, Scott
Mala Fernando with her daughter Ashanthi Gajaweera
Don Boniface with his partner, Ted Kuhar
Danny Perasa with his wife, Annie
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