Around the Square

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When Claire Menefee retires from teaching, she follows a long-time dream to move to a small town. Will she find it as idyllic as she imagined? In this book, Mary Ann Seymour paints a picture of a community where neighbors know each other and even stop to visit on the sidewalk. As she had hoped, Mrs. Menefee finds that her adopted hometown not only is a caring community where people are always willing to help others, but it is also filled with some very interesting and unusual characters: the librarian who doesn't want anyone touching her books; the mayor's wife who dresses with a flamboyance unlike anyone else in town; the World War II veteran who is still fighting his old battles. Word of Claire's arrival spreads like wildfire through this town since newcomers are very rare. But when two more people move into Hayward-two people who don't seem to fit in at all but who quickly work their way into the confidence and trust of the town's leading citizens-the townspeople become curious
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