Atkins for Life - The Complete Controlled Carb Program for Permanent Weight Loss and Good Health

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A new audiobook from the #1 New York Times bestselling author that reveals the secrets to successful lifelong weight loss Millions of followers already know that the Atkins Diet really works . . . and new, important studies from leading universities agree. Where, in the past, the Atkins Diet has been the center of medical controversy, it has now been medically proven that eating the Atkins way is not only delicious, but it's also a safe and effective plan for shedding pounds for good. Followers are hungry for more information on how to stay on the plan--and that's what this program delivers. o 180 menu plans (over six months' worth of menus) with controlled carbohydrate counts o 125 recipes, including dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and smart snacks o low-carb holiday meals and fabulous ethnic cuisine o self-tests and FAQs to help readers meet their goals and stay on track.
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