Aurelia's Unfortunate Young Man

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Mark Twain (literary pseudonym of Samuel Lengkhorn Clemens) was an outstanding American writer, a journalist, a public figure. „Aurelia's Unfortunate Young Man" by Mark Twain was published in "Sketches New and Old " in 1875. In this story the author speculates on the family happiness.The author receives a letter from a young lady named Aurelia. She is in a quandary as to whether she should marry a young gentleman, who has a problem of loosing his body parts. The first time the very day before the wedding he catches smallpox and his face gets pitted. After that, the young man loses one of his legs. Finally, he loses his eye before the wedding-day. After Mark Twain has thought the matter over carefully he gives the lady a piece of advice. Which one? Get acquainted with „Aurelia's Unfortunate Young Man" to know it! This story combines wise thoughts and humour. Enjoy the brilliant style of the outstanding American writer. „Aurelia's Unfortunate Young Man" will put you in good spirits .
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