Awakening The Rage

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The game filled water of Lake Shanoha is an oasis in the harsh Nevada desert supporting a horse ranching community fortyfive miles south of the Kiahawk Indian reservation. The Kiahawks have lived passively at the base of Red Rock Mountain for more than a hundred years. The Kiahawks are, as they always have been, abused by the townspeople. The Kiahawks take the abuse as a matter of course, until the brightest light in their lives, the chief's granddaughter, is brutally raped and murdered by three wild teenagers from town. This is only the beginning of a domino effect of lies, murder and arson, causing more pain and grief than the Kiahawks can bear. With no law to turn to for help, the Kiahawk nation returns to the power of their mystic past to unleash hell upon the town of Lake Shanoha.
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