Baby Steps of Faith - The First Mile

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Are you spiritually inquisitive? Willing to set aside time each day to pursue personal spiritual growth? Baby Steps Of FaithThe First Mile by Charles E. Perry Sr. is a fifty-day journey towards better relationshipsboth with God and with other people. The goal is to gain fresh insights regarding Gods promises, His love, His justice, and our role in the big picture. Discovering our role in Gods plan might take place early in life or it might occur later; but we must never forget that we do have a role in His plan. Baby Steps of Faith is about seeking Gods direction, following it, and then enjoying the results. Its a fifty-day walk of learning how to overcoming obstacles through the mighty power of the Holy Spirit. Each days baby step is one step closer to realizing our full potential in our journey of faith. Abounding with simple, practical truths, Baby Steps of Faith is your guide to a deeper relationship with God.
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