Backstage Fright

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The adventures of sixth-graders Rosie Saunders and Kayo Benton are always filled with plenty of suspense and excitement. In Backstage Fright, Rosie’s dog, Bone Breath, has a part in the Oakwood Community Theater’s latest production. While he shares the spotlight with the star, Rosie and her best friend, Kayo, will work backstage helping the director. But when Rosie finds a painting hidden deep in the theater’s storeroom, suddenly the two girls are faced with a dangerous question: Is it a priceless stolen masterpiece, or a fake? Lurking in the dusty dark, amidst the props, someone is determined to keep Rosie from finding out. All youngsters, even the most reluctant readers, will be rooting for Rosie and Kayo as they try to solve this spooky mystery. Narrator Carine Montbertrand captures the girls’ curiosity with ease.
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