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Jack London (1876-1916) - American writer and journalist. He was born and grew up in California. London entered the University of California, but had to leave because of problems with money. During the gold rush period he went to Alaska, but didn't succeed. London realized that a man can make a living only if doing intellectual work, so he decided to start his career as a writer. Jack London created such novels as The Call of the Wild (1903), The Sea-Wolf (1904), The Iron Heel (1908), Martin Eden (1909) etc. He also wrote a lot of stories. By the end of the life London had a writer's block and problems with helth. He died from the morphine overdose on his ranch. Jack London usually puts his characters in tough conditions and shows how they overcome all difficulties. The story "Bald-face" was inspired by the writer's "gold rush" period, when he went searching for gold. The main character tells a breathtaking story happened to him, when he was attacked by a bear in a forest and escaped. This story will certainly thrill everyone who read it.
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