Bangkok Tattoo

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In District 8, the underbelly of Bangkok's crime world, a mutilated body is found in a hotel bedroom. It looks bad: the corpse is CIA. And it gets worse for Detective Sonchai Jitpleecheep when the murderer appears to be the most successful 'working girl' at The Old Man's Club, a brothel owned jointly by Sonchai's mother and his boss, Police Colonel Vikorn. Alerted by Sonchai, Vikorn quickly concocts a cover-up that involves an Al Qaeda terrorist cell - a ploy he believes will prove irresistible to the American spy agency. The bizarre truth that is eventually uncovered - with a little help from the dead - may be too challenging even for the wily colonel, as Sonchai is forced to run the gamut of Bangkok's drug-dealers, prostitutes, bad cops, corrupt military generals, and the pitfalls of his own melting heart.
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