Becoming Visible - a novel

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Mandy Paulk struggles with the desire to fade into the background of life. But soon a renewed faith and a new friend help her discover the calling to lead and not follow. Joe Baird has grappled with a history of insecurities. But as his dream of becoming a special education teacher transforms into reality, he is faced with the responsibilities of making choices that will last a lifetime. In her novel Becoming Visible, author Amanda Williams explores the struggles of walking down the road of faith and trusting the God who made us. The characters in Becoming Visible are undeniably human, and when a horrible tragedy rocks the delicate balance of reality and righteousness, can Mandy and Joe make the decision that love requires? Amanda H. Williams has succeeded in painting a vivid picture of the pains of true love, as well as the grace and mercy only God can bestow in the process of Becoming Visible.
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