Bobby Bright Becomes a Professor and Is Lost at Sea - Bobby Bright Meets His Maker: The Shocking Truth is Revealed

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Bobby Bright Becomes a Professor
(And is Lost at Sea)
After last Christmas, Remington's grandparents left their mysterious strand of lights with their grandson when they returned home from Spain. Remington can now be with his bulbs every day. This is the perfect time to experiment with something he's wondered for a long, long time. Can Bobby say more than just his name? Thus begins hours of lessons for Bobby Bright, the world's most magical Christmas tree light. However, while Bobby is trying so hard to say human words, suddenly Remington also becomes a student. He is challenged to say some words in Bobby's language of Bulbese.
By the time summer arrives and Mr. and Mrs. McGillicuddy return for a visit, Bobby and Remington have both earned their diplomas. And just with every school year, it ends with summer vacation. Remington and his family head to the beach. But the fun turns to tragedy when Remington loses Bobby as they frolic among the waves of the Mediterranean Sea.
In the last three years Bobby Bright has saved members of his own family and the McGillicuddys, but now the world's most amazing bulb faces the biggest challenge of his life-saving himself.
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