Born Again...And Growing! - How-To Steps to Beginning and Pursuing a Relationship with God.

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What are the real priorities in your life? Author Rosie Justus will help you to discover what is truly important in her book Born Again...and Growing! Life can be over whelming and it is only human to not lead to most God-centered life possible. Born Again...and Growing! shows us how to live a life with Jesus as our priority while being more of a tour guide than an expositor. This book is for those that have been saved for years, those that have only recently been saved and anyone that needs to reaffirm the priorities in life. It is a journey through the books of the Bible in search of what God says to each of us as an individual in relation to Himself. If you would like to know what God?s thoughts and plans are for you, this is a must read book for you!
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