Both Sides of the River - 50 Years of Love, Laughter, and Bird Dogs

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Both Sides of the River has something for everyone. It centers around one couple's struggle to raise their children in the way that they should go. It begins in the 1950s with his return from military duty and ends in 2006 at their 50th anniversary. In between there is laughter, history, tragedy, and a few rare triumphs. There's a little romance for those so inclined, but throughout there's the underlying message of unquestioned faith in the higher being. There's the gospel singing from the 60s and 70s and the value of a good bird dog. Everything from cooking syrup at the right temperature up to addressing stereotypes and other social indiscretions. But mostly, it's to honor some pretty amazing parents for being married for 50 years. Both Sides of the River bring to light some of the struggles and sacrifices endured not only them but also by every other family nationwide during those turbulent times.
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