Breaking Through Your Glass Ceiling - Moving Beyond Self-Imposed and External Limits

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In the short run, your career can be upended by unforseen events, an unsupportive boss, a reduction in budget, a poor decision, or an unlucky break. In the long run, the career professional or entrepreneur who is destined for success cannot be stopped. Virtually all the limits that we face when it comes to salary, job title, professional standing, profits, or even market share, are aided in part by self-imposed limits that we don't even recognize. In this illuminating session, professional speaker and mega-author Jeff Davidson takes you through a variety of strategies and new perspectives that will help you to shatter your own glass ceiling, including topics such as:
• Assessing your strengths as well as weaknesses
• Recognizing your natural advantages.
• Identifying the resources you can marshal to achieve your goals
• Linking with mentors, coaches, and advisors to broaden your perspective
• Developing partnerships to achieve the previously unreachable
• Re-positioning yourself for greater success
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