Breath of Life - A Journey into Origin and Purpose of Spirit, Soul, and Body

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This book written by Marja Meijers is a warm, bittersweet story from the perspective of the unborn child. It is full of information on fetal development and insights on spiritual issues. Most important, in our culture where the pro-choice issue is so important, it reminds us of the importance of each choice that is made. Wanda Franz, President of National Right to Life Committee, Inc. As human beings, we are made in the image and likeness of God. We are uniquely designed triune beings: spirit, soul, and body, yet one. In Breath of Life, author Marja Meijers takes the reader on a journey to our earthly beginnings and beyond. Based on biblical concepts and a surprising array of Scriptures, she has painted an artistic picture of a colorful and loving God who is the source of all life.
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