Brer Rabbit And The Gold Mine

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Joel Chandler Harris was an American journalist, writer and folklorist. His is best known for his collection of Uncle Remus stories written form the African-American oral story-telling tradition. They represent animal stories with the main character Br‘er Rabbit, whom no one could outwit. Br‘er Rabbit (Brother Rabbit) is a likable main character who tends to play tricks on other animals. In this story all animals begin to look for an old gold mine divided into small groups, and Br’er Rabbit is in the one with Br’er Wolf, which is quite a dangerous associatively. Both try to use their quick wits and paws, but who is faster? This is a typical story of Uncle Remus, warm and kind, in will entertain your child and spark interest to get to know about Br’er Rabbit’s other adventures.
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