Brer Rabbit Treats The Creeturs to a Race

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Joel Chandler Harris was an American writer, journalist and folklorist. One of the most popular books by Harris is Uncle Remus. He wrote 7 Uncle Remus books containing 168 African American folktales. This is a story of a witty Rabbit, who made a race between Brer Dust and Cousin Rain. First he came to the Rainmaker and asked if they could arrange such a race. On the fixed day a big cloud appeared in the sky, opponents came out of it. The Creeturs were staying along the road. Brer Dust stroke Bear, Wolf, Fox and other creatures – they started to sneeze, cough and snort! Then Cousin Rain came along! As a result all the Creeturs were in mud. Do you want to know what happened then? Read the whole story and get the details!
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