Brokenhearted - Adultery through a Daughter's Eyes

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Can anyone else understand this feeling? Doesnt Mom know how much this hurts me? Is there something I should have done differently? Doesnt my mom care about me? For childrenas the forgotten victims of an affairit does not matter how old you are when you learn about what your mother or father was involved in. It still hurts, and there are a myriad feelings that need to be dealt with: sorrow, loneliness, anger, bitterness, and unforgiveness. You see the furtive glances as you walk to your Sunday school classroom. You notice the way a conversation stops abruptly when you join your friends in the hall. Later in life, you ache deep inside while enjoying the intimacy of marriage, because you know and the pain stabs at your heart. Sometimes the whole situation changes your own reputation, and others make judgments about you because of what your parent has done. Libby Carter has been there. She has born the brunt of the questions and the judgments, but through Gods grace, she has learned to forgive. Her story has become more than Brokenhearted.
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