Bugville Critters Audio Collection 6 - Every Letter Has a Sound, The BIG Number Count Down, and Catching a Cup of Sunshine

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"PARENTING MAGAZINE RECOMMENDED! Discover the magical world of Robert Stanek's Bugville Critters! Stanek, acclaimed author of the popular children's books The Kingdoms and the Elves of the Reaches and Journey Beyond the Beyond, has selected an irresistible combination for this age group: loveable critters and baseball. The Bugville Critters stories address all the major issues of growing up and are designed to appeal to the ever-growing interests of children three to eight years old. The stories combine facts about our natural world with fictional stories that instruct and entertain. Robert Stanek wrote The Bugville Critters books as bedtime stories for his children. His children enjoyed the stories so much they urged him to bring his stories to life for other children to enjoy, and that is what he set out to do. This production, great for younger listeners, includes three Stanek favorites: Every Letter Has a Sound, The BIG Number Count Down, and Catching a Cup of Sunshine In the first story, Buster shares what he’s learned about the many letter sounds for reading. Along the way, he encounters everything from jelly bellies to pirate pigeons to zigzagging zombies. In the second story, Buster shares what he’s learned about counting down and subtraction. Along the way, he gets into his dad’s flower collection and has to get help making sure he hasn’t lost any flowers. In the third story, Buster sets out to learn about calendars and then charts the days and months of the year. Along the way, he measures the sun, catches a cup of sunshine and climbs aboard a rocket ship. What are you waiting for? Join us on a journey to Bugville where you'll meet Buster Bee and all his friends."
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