Buyology - Truth and Lies About Why We Buy

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Based on the single largest neuromarketing study ever conducted, Buyology reveals surprising truths about what attracts our attention and captures our dollars. Among the long-held assumptions and myths Buyology confronts:
• Sex doesn't sell - people in skimpy clothing and provocative poses don't persuade us to buy products.
• Despite government bans, subliminal advertising is ubiquitous - from bars to supermarkets to highway billboards.
• Color can be so iconic that the sight of the robin's egg blue of a certain famous jewelry brand significantly raises women's heart rates.
• Companies shamelessly borrow from religion and ritual - like the ritual, made up by a bored American bartender, of drinking a Corona with a lime - to seduce our interest.
• "Cool" brands, like iPods, trigger our mating instincts.
The fact is, so much of what we thought we knew about why we buy is wrong. Drawing on a three-year, 7 million dollar, cutting-edge brain scan study of over 2000 people from around the world, marketing guru Martin Lindstrom's revelations will captivate anyone who's been seduced -or turned off- by marketers relentless efforts to win our loyalty, our money and our minds.
Packed with entertaining stories about how we respond to such well-known products and companies as Marlboro, Calvin Klein, Ford, and American Idol, Buyology is a fascinating tour into the mind of today's consumer.
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