By King's Command

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The year is 1208, a time when heiresses do their duty...except for Elsbeth of Camley. She would rather join a holy order than be bartered off and expected to breed well and often. Elsbeth flees to Lambeth Abbey with her dower coin and unwittingly sets off a chain of events that threatens the balance of power in England.Because of his bold rescue of the lady and her dower, Sir Roger of Angelsey earns a barony and substantial lands. But he must lose no time in making his betrothed his wife in no uncertain terms to keep his claim to her and his title--not an easy task when the lady conspires with those who plot against his king and his country, downright impossible when he realizes he does not want a wife unless he can lay claim to her heart.This is a Siren Audio Studios production, a full cast Audiocinema(tm) adaptation, enhanced with sound effects and music to create as close to a visual experience as can be had without video.
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