Caleb's Cereal

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Caleb, be quiet! She's not a beast. She is a very friendly elephant. Her name is Ellen, and she comes every morning because she likes the crunchy oats. Oh, just wait! It gets even better!'
Caleb doesn't really like his cereal full of oats, nuts, and honey. It is healthy, not tasty. But Caleb is about to discover this morning that an elephant, a squirrel, and a bear love his cereal, a lot! Every morning these fantastical creatures sit in the kitchen and eat breakfast together. Caleb can hardly believe it! Today these animals have come to Caleb and his brother, Colin, because they need help. Join Caleb, Colin, and their friend Tan as they journey to a magical jungle full of wild elephant riding, cliff hanging, crocodile snapping, and vine swinging. Can the three boys save the jungle from the evil poachers and protect their new friends' home? Follow along as the boys learn how good always prevails over evil and just how delicious Caleb's Cereal really is.
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