Car Peace - Make Your Car a Stress-Free Sanctuary

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Do you have car peace? Your car could be a place where you automatically become peaceful, relaxed, and attuned to your higher consciousness. In other words, a stress-free sanctuary. With this program, you'll create such a space in your automobile, and learn how to tap into it the moment you begin driving.
Seven easy to follow lessons take you from stress to peace, step by step.
Driving Relaxed, Focused & Alert
Optimizing Your Driving Environment
Better Breathing In Your Car
Your Car as a Sanctuary
Energy colors in your Car
Driving in the Flow
The Truth About Hurry
Empathy & Your Heart-Space
Seven Angels
Backseat Elephants
Max Highstein Says: "You might think that as a guided meditation author and spiritual counselor, I would be a peaceful, relaxed driver. Actually, no! I developed this course for myself, because I needed to bring the same kind of tranquility I experience in my work, to my trips to and from my office, and hour away.
And it works! I've transformed my drive time into something like a driving meditation, and I've learned how to drive relaxed, focused and alert, like the program says. When I start feeling stressed at the wheel, I simply begin doing the exercises, and tension melts away, and my car becomes a stress-free peace zone. It works for me, and it can work for you!
If you're a stressed driver, please do yourself and everyone else a favor, and take this course."
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