Cat and Mouse in Partnership

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Brothers Grimm are esteemed as collectors of fairy tales. "Cat And Mouse In Partnership" is a fairy tale by brothers Grimm. A cat got acquainted with a mouse and suggested to live together in one house. - It will be necessary to stock up on winter some food, - said the cat. So they bought a pot of lard for emergency. But they didn't know where to hide it, and the cat suggested to keep it in the church. Nobody would dare to steal it from the church. They put the pot in a corner and decided not to touch it till the winter. A short while later the Cat wanted to eat the lard. It said to the Mouse, that its cousin had a little son, and it wanted the cat to be godmother to it. The cat went out to visit its cousin. As the cat left the house, it went to the church, had found the pot and licked the top off. How did the fairy tale end? Read "Cat And Mouse In Partnership" to know it.
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