Chernobyl, USA

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In the unsuspecting months before September 11, 2001, Americans went about their days generally unaffected by war and terror; unaffected, but not unthreatened. In his explosive debut novel, Chernobyl, USA, author Drew Williams reveals the story of an unlikely couple and their attempt to stop a tragic radioactive release on US soil that would match the devastation experienced by the people of the Ukraine when an accident damaged their own Chernobyl nuclear reactor. Kari Adams lost her husband in a mysterious accident and she's been uneasy ever since. It seemed her home had been invaded and her life was in turmoil. In desperation she reached out to an old friend, Bill Winters. Bill opened his heart and his home to Kari and her children, not realizing he?d soon be running for his life while trying to save millions of people on the East Coast. Was September 11, 2001 plan A for the enemies of America? Or have previous attempts already been foiled?
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