Christian Formation Counseling - The Work of the Spirit in the Human Race

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Overcoming age-old diverse opinions to the amalgamate ideas of Christian and secular counseling, Dr. John Pugh speaks volumes as he trains the prospective Christian counseling professional and lay counselor on true principles of Christian Spiritual Formation Counseling. Through an in-depth look at the true calling of Christian counselors, Dr. Pugh focuses on the factor that completes human analysis and is the ultimate cause of relational challenges: the Holy Spirits work in an individuals life. So what is this bottom-line task for Christian counseling services? Not allowing the counselee to operate in secular defense mechanisms such as controlling, accusing, excusing, and pleasure seeking, but challenging him to discover the root cause and become sensitive to the Holy Spirits teaching in his life. Christian Spiritual Formation Counseling is the DSM for professional and lay counselors ready to launch their ministry in offering life-changing consultation for relational healing, a must-read for all students pursuing a counseling career.
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