Chronicles of Pastor Marcus - Called to Suffer, Called to Joy

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In the sequel to Devil or Angel: A Journey Out of Darkness, author R.A. Goulding continues the fascinating story of Pastor Marcus, a man of God not untouched by the evils of the world. Murder, kidnappings, and a country torn apart by the corrupt practices of drug lords the Colombian villagers are indebted to. In Chronicles of Pastor Marcus: Called to Suffer, Called to Joy, readers will follow Pastor Marcus as he learns what it is to suffer for the cause of Christ, and the joy of just how faithful God is in giving us the strength to get through any trial, no matter how severe. Still plagued by the demons of his dreams, Marcus finds the strength to follow Gods will through the encouragement of brothers and sisters in Christ and angels who guide his walk daily. Few in recorded history have received the gifts and blessings as Marcus has, and his life will thrill and amaze you as share his walk of faith and journey to glory.
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