Clever Elsie

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Brothers Grimm were born in Giessen: Jacob - on January 4, 1785, Wilhelm - on February 24, 1786. Since 1804 brothers have became interested in fairy tales and folklore. "Clever Elsie" is a fairy tale by brothers Grimm. A man wanted to give his daughter who was called Clever Elsie in marriage. And a young man called Hans began to ask Elsie in marriage, but he set a condition that the girl were judicious. After that her parents and Hans had dinner and sent Elsie to the cellar to bring beer. In the cellar Elsie saw a pick-axe above her. She thought, that if she would get Hans, and they would have a child, and he would grow big, and they would send him to the cellar, then the pick-axe would fall on his head and kill him. She started to weep and forgot about beer. How did the fairy tale end? Read "Clever Elsie" to know it.
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