Cloak of Control - When Darkness Overshadows the Light, Fear and Abuse are Just the Beginning...

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Some called The Light a religious cult, others a legalistic institution. Whatever the title, one thing was for sure, behind the closed doors of this prominent evangelical church all was not as it seemed. Despite the appearance of perfection, there was an unspoken, pervasive feeling hanging like a thick cloud over its people. Was it fear? Follow Zara, Ruth, and Leonard as they find themselves trapped within this religious system, their lives and souls deeply affected by the stronghold of control and spiritual abuse. Join with them as they struggle from confusion and heartache to find freedom and restoration. Cloak of Control by Jackie Butterworth, is a must read for anyone who has seen or experienced the pain of spiritual abuse and legalistic control. Let this story be an encouragement that no matter how deep the pain and confusion, there is hope. Gods arms are open today to heal and restore and to lift the heavy burdens laid upon you by men. He truly will replace mans Cloak of Control, with his own robe of righteousness.
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