Color of Loneliness

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After a recent death leaves Myra Sommers with no remaining family, she makes the tough decision to leave behind her only friend Susie (and her cheating ex-boyfriend) and move from Philadelphia back to her family home in Nyssa, Oregon. The move is supposed to give her a chance to heal and regroup, but once she arrives she discovers that the house is in a total state of disrepair. Faced with the isolation and loneliness of living in a small town and a house that’s literally falling apart around her, Myra begins to sink into a deep depression.
Jim, an elderly neighbor and one of Myra’s few friends in Nyssa, gives her the name of a local contractor, Dylan Lawson, to help get the house back in shape. When Myra calls him for an estimate, she’s astounded by the contractor’s surly demeanor but has few other options in the small town. Dylan can’t help but notice that Myra is young, single and beautiful, and suspects that the job offer is more than it seems.
As Dylan begins to repair her home, Myra takes on a project of her own: writing a book. Slowly, a reluctant friendship develops between the pair, followed by romantic feelings neither one of them can fight. Can they move beyond their painful pasts and open their hearts to love?]]
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