Coming Back to Ourselves - Finding Authentic Direction in the Chaos of Being

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Our default setting has become to decide everything rationally and consciously. We don't know, or have forgotten, how to trust our higher aspirations and the authentic insight and wisdom of our "inner genius". Society extols our lower aspirations, such as competition, materialism, cold-heartedness and "every man for himself", but this is a recipe for mediocrity.
Those who aspire to excellence need to find ways to discover their suppressed talents and bring them to life. When our potentials are not actualized we may experience fear, anxiety, addiction, and depression, which can be messages to look in another direction.
In this conversation, Scott points out that many of our desires are learned desires - pastimes, amusements, and substitutes for what we truly want. "Our real craving is for our authentic being. Once we connect back to ourselves, that's the cure for everything."
So where do we begin? How do we come back to our authentic selves and find our direction in the chaos of being? Is it even worth the effort?
Coming Back to Ourselves is Scott Teitworth's refreshing and inspiring response to these vital questions.
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