Communicating as a Leader - Communicate with Confidence Series

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Would you like to know how to give bad news without destroying a relationship? Tired of hearing people complain, “There’s just NO communication around here!” What if you had guidelines to know exactly what to communicate; when to communicate, and how to communicate it to your employees, colleagues, and customers? Now you do. Best-selling self-development author Dianna Booher presents her 10 principles for Communicating as a Leaderto stop the chaos and start real communication.
You’ll learn to?
• Think on your feet with a four-step model for answering questions clearly, concisely, and credibly
• Frame the positive approach, a technique that helped both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama win their presidential elections
• Express yourself clearly with two key ideas so simple that most people discount them
• Use circular communication to gain visibility for promotions and to put actual dollarsin your paycheck
• Discover and evaluate the top two ways people assess your competence-no matter what your job title
Learn why 228 of the Fortune 500 companies have been trained in communication skills during the past two decades by Dianna Booher and her staff through workshops and speeches and her more than 40 books (McGraw-Hill, Simon and Schuster, Random House).
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