Confessions of a Broken Heart

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Losing love is not easy, but you are never alone. If you have ever been broken-hearted and searching for a way to mend the pieces, Ever Jones Confessions of a Broken Heart is a perfect stopping place. Jones provides personal testimony, advice, and practical solutions to spur on the process of healing and focus on the new you. Readers will explore the reality of pain, insecurities, the dos and donts, and your true focus. Why not start your lively recovery now? Originally from Texas, but now a resident of New Jersey, twenty-three-year-old Everett Jones shares with adult, young and old, the confessions of his heart. After several failed attempts of mending his once broken heart, he finally realized that true healing comes from above. Aware of the nature and sensitivity of this subject, Everett points those he speaks with to the cross.
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