Confessions of a Credit Junkie - Everything You Need to Know to Avoid the Mistakes I Made

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Credit card expert Beverly Harzog shares how she went from being a credit card disaster to a credit card diva.
When Beverly got out of college, she spent the next 10 years racking up debt on seven credit cards. Credit card limits, she believed, were merely "guidelines," certainly not anything to be taken seriously...especially if she was in dire need of a new pair of shoes. The fact that she was a CPA at the time adds an ironic twist to the credit quagmire she slowly descended into.
In Confessions of a Credit Junkie, Beverly candidly details her own credit card mishaps and offers easy-to-follow advice, often with a touch of Southern humor, to help others avoid them. In this much-needed audiobook, you'll learn:
How to use the Credit Card Personality Quiz to choose the right credit cards
Anyone in debt will benefit from the down-to-earth, practical tips Beverly offers.
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