Credit 911 - Secrets and Strategies to Saving Your Financial Life

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Truth is, there's no secret to spending and saving wisely. Rather, living a financially secure lifestyle is as simple as taking time-proven steps today to solve past credit problems, while also preparing for a financially successful future. Others have done it. Anyone can do it. So can you. You just need someone to show you how. In Credit 911, Rodney Anderson does just that. Rodney tackles tough topics such as how to navigate through marriage, divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, dealing with collection agencies, the dangers and pitfalls of online shopping, protecting consumers' identities, and many others that get to the heart of America's financial and credit meltdown.
Deal with collection agencies on your own terms
Understand the credit system from an insider's perspective
Defend against the deceptive practices of credit card companies
Boost your credit score and effectively monitor your credit
Find your financial Mr. or Mrs. Right
Avoid financial disaster when getting divorced
With over twenty years of experience advising real people on their very real credit problems, Rodney Anderson possesses an intricate understanding of what it takes to manage money effectively and to take control of one's financial life. And, after listening to Credit 911, so will you.
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