Crystal Gazer/Chawkaterro Uprising

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Another dead body is discovered on the Kiahawk reservation. This time the dead man is a geologist investigating water table rights in Nevada. Detective Kirk Wallace volunteers to investigate. Kirk has personal reasons for wanting to return to Lake Shanoha, namely to learn if the supernatural sightings he witnessed on his last visit were real. In the process, he discovers that the Kiahawk burial ground was never included in the land that makes up the reservation. Jack Page, bar owner, and sworn enemy of the Kiahawks, makes a discovery of his own--one that will make him a very wealthy man. Through a chance find, Jack uncovers a century old letter that reveals that a cache of gold was buried under the Kiahawk burial ground. Using a Navajo Crystal Gazer, and armed with the knowledge that the burial ground is not part of the reservation, Jack searches for the buried treasure. But the gold is protected by the deadly spirit, Chawkaterro, who was confined by the Kiahawks of ancient times. To uncover the gold will unleash the wrath of this spirit which can then invade any human body, and assume their shape, or transform itself into a wolf--an evil beast.
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